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Hello there,
Ruaridh here [Rory, Ruarii, Roary or R-IJIFSCMAOIELDGKNUKS]

I made this little blog thing on this beautiful invention called... THE INTERNET!

This will hopefully be updated as frequently as possible but who really knows.

Fizzy Brain is where if you want to read something that makes no sense but for some reason you understand exactly what i mean... but if you dont, well then your kinda screwed aren't you?

Anyways sit back relax and brace yourself.

Lets have a fun trip together and if your lucky... I will kiss your nipples!



This is an accurate depicition of how I envision Australia.

Taking selfies with the clock spider


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Root Beer Float Sandwich Cookies


I do a lot of experimental baking on the weekends, and these sandwich cookies happen to be one of them. I wanted to emulate the flavors of a root beer float so this happened.


The cookies are root beer flavored and the frosting is plain old vanilla buttercream but you should definitely use vanilla ice cream when it gets a little bit warmer.


With the root beer cookies, I used root beer and root beer extract — the root beer alone didn’t give it enough flavor. I was really hesitant about the amount of root beer extract to use because that stuff can taste kind of funny and artificial. If you don’t have or have access to root beer extract, don’t be afraid to omit it completely or use a bit of vanilla extract instead.

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Perfect Crispy Potatoes

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Butterfly omelette for my princess on #valentines days. I #love you @kimmage_dxb

Mr. Thompson #badarse #thuglife #rudeboi

Beathy! #douche #lovehimreally


Black books <3

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Beej is just loving his pillow fort I made for him #pissed #love #dubai #life

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I am sure Tessy is doing this. Miss you pup! One day we will be chilling together again :) x

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Most kids on this website don’t even know what this is

That’s a coffee table

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#saftey first! :p